Monthly Archives: August 2010

Slow down, girl!

Jilly growing up an almost terrifying rate.  First, she no longer fits in her bouncer chair.  Then the swing and the Bumbo.

Then, one day she went from rocking with a purpose to full on crawling.  Then a day later, we heard ‘Da Da’.

Today her first tooth started tearing through.

She’s been pulling herself on just about anything she can get her hands on.  Guessing walking is just around the corner.

Jeepers, when other parents say enjoy this time because it doesn’t last long, I guess they’re not kidding.

Oops. Missed a switch.

When I set up the new version of the WordPress Twitter Tools plugin (where you had to go set up a bunch more stuff on the Twitter side), I missed the switch that allows WordPress to post to Twitter. So, the last few posts went unannounced. Don’t worry, you didn’t really miss much.

Fireworks in my backyard!

Well, almost in my backyard. Lemoyne College was having their semester kickoff party. They launch their fireworks less than a half mile from my house. We had a pretty good view right from the backyard, save for a few low fliers that didn’t clear the treeline.

Unsurprisingly, the cats have vanished; probably won’t see them again until the morning (not so sad about that.). Jilly, on the other hand, slept through the whole 20 minute show and didn’t even flinch. Wow!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

  • ick. a cold, dark, and wet start to the week. ewww. #
  • many thanks to @lowensteinbs for the good food and times friday night. #
  • rocking out the new Black Keys album. heavy. me likey. #
  • RT @LeMoyne: Dunkin' Donuts and Cam's Pizza officially open for business today in the new Le Moyne Plaza #
  • I wonder when they're gonna finish the exterior of the new 'LeMoyne Plaza' #
  • Jillian vs. Peas #
  • RT @alexlindsay: Uh, yea, you need to see this… #
  • AppleInsider | Inside Steve Jobs' abandoned Jackling mansion (photos) #
  • RT @hotdogsladies: Habits, babies, and promises. Way easier to make than keep. #
  • wonder why google docs felt the need to hide all my old docs. nearly gave me a heart attack. phew. #
  • I've heard DMB's "Write A Song" and yawned. New live versions growing out are getting more interesting. #
  • updating all my wordpress plugins. hassle free except for twitter tools. twitter seems to be formalizing their api access. #
  • paying bills. plotting ways to win the lottery. #
  • Enjoyed a few hours at the ny$ fair. #
  • Parking, admission, and lunch? Just under $50… Remember when it used to be cheap? #
  • Wife just let me know that I have a great sunburn on my head. Above hairline. Haven't had one of those in a while… #
  • Guess that means I don't get outside that much anymore. Probably sad. #

Blogging by Touch

iPod Touch that is. Blogging from bed. Gotta say the text entry in iOS is pretty tolerable. I’m pretty sure that I can type faster on the screen than I can I can one the dedicated keyboard on my Palm Centro. Now, I just have to find some extra funds every month so I can upgrade to an iPhone…

Its about time…

Time is something that I’m pretty short on these days.  I’ve been meaning to do some work on the old blog for months it seems.  I’m finally blowing the dust off the keyboard and trying to get stuff back up to snuff.

Step one was to get all my wordpress plugins in order.  Geez, just about every plugin I use was out of date.  Most of them went off without a hitch.  A few needed some random voodoo of deactivating and reactivating.  The widget needed me to add an include for jQuery.

Next was catching WordPress itself up.  I was pleasantly surprised that the one click update worked as advertised.  No muss, no fuss.

I was getting a little tired of my hacked up version of the original Kubrick theme.  So, I’m gonna switch over to a slightly (ok, really slightly) hacked version of the new twentyten default theme.  Truth be told, I rather like it right out of the box.  I should probably comb through my iPhoto gallery and find my own photo to use in the header.  Baby steps, I know; but progress, none-the-less.

I did recently acquire Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes.  Hopefully, that’ll light a fire under me to do something a little more one-off.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • can anyone recommend a weather website with less suck than #
  • waiting 30 seconds for the detail to load is getting a little ridiculous… #
  • why am I not surprised that used car service center's engine computer code gadget can't read vw codes. #
  • ok, car moved from shop 1 to shop 2. let's see if the dealer can find and fix the problem. at least shop 1 didn't charge me anything. #
  • must be a fluke, but peanut asleep tonight at 7:50. maybe we'll wake her up at 7am every day from now. #
  • that's my girl… #
  • hehe. I pitty the stool… #
  • ok sir, your call will be ready by 4pm. get there 4:30, say they're just finishing up. say call me when its ready. they call me at 5:05. #
  • even better, I got a free 'courtesy wash' which is really spraying your car off with dirt water. argh. #
  • kinda ticked off about the hour late part, fixing to call the service manager. crap happens, I know, but people, I've got stuff to do. #
  • Dave Matthews Interview on npr… #
  • RT @thomasfuchs: The whole of HTML was described in 9,967 words in in 1993. The HTML5 OVERVIEW document has 311,000 words. #
  • RT @gmorten1: rachel ray says the sight of her husband doing the dishes makes her horny. rachel, remember we talked about this? oversharing? #
  • gonna be a great day. scheduling saranac break for 10am. #
  • doing a little IE testing. don't miss it crashing constantly… #
  • shoot should I brought my shades and worn them all day. never forget #roi #
  • RT @thinkgeek: One guy, a coconut, & lots of different camera angles *do* in fact a Holy Grail reenactment make. Video 1: #
  • why hello,, nice to meet you. #
  • RT @kevinrose: MUST HAVE! #
  • 5 most (and least) affordable housing markets – First place: Syracuse, N.Y. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • just mistook 'move to trash' and 'remove from playlist' on rhythmbox menu again, for the zillionth time. #
  • now to go dig the deleted tracks out of my trashcan. foo. #
  • reading back through an email that I sent recently and finding a lot of grammatical errors. #
  • used to think I was able to write, not so sure any more. #
  • how cute, gnome-do's twitter post function doesn't show up if you've got more than 140 characters in the buffer. #
  • 10 minutes of my life lost figuring that non-obvious feature out. grrr. #
  • warm and muggy this morning. yuck. think car is going back to dealer for another a/c repair attempt. #
  • trying again to figure out a stupid file permission problem with wordpress dev server. can't install plugin updates automatically… #
  • even when everything in the wordpress docroot is owned by the webserver user! foo. #
  • think the cats are taking turns waking me up an hour before my alarm goes off. #
  • either that or its a race to see which one I'll punt over the fence first. #
  • JS1k, 1k Javascript demo contest #
  • nice dinner with auntie carolyn and uncle boyfriend then nice long walk at green lakes. good times. #
  • RT @shawnp0wers: I think this video is still my favorite thing I've ever done for @linuxjournal #
  • gonna try to read for a bit, but sleep is already calling me. cats better let me sleep until alarm goes off or there'll fur flying. #
  • RT @mikeroweworks: That's me. The guy on the left. The one with poop in his pants. #
  • RT @ambermac: Bragging + speeding + the Internet = probation #
  • hmm. dexter wakes me up at 3:55. dexter gets soaked with the spray bottle. dexter still rambling as I walked out the door. #
  • methinks he's destined for shower next. #
  • rocking some 80s tunes today. Let's Hear It for the Boy! #
  • How to add the official Tweet Button to WordPress via @thomasfuchs #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • tried out the new baby back pack carrier. jb seems to like it. for daddy, jury still out. pain in the neck. #
  • giving my 3 year old core duo (not core 2 duo) macbook a thrashing as I try to edit video. give it props though, its actually tolerable. #
  • Watch Jillian Crawling on Vimeo! #
  • 7.5 miles in light rain. almost refreshing. canal trail pretty boring as usual. #
  • This Should Be Happening Right Now WIN #
  • RT @kevinrose: another reason to live in sf, Steve Jobs eats at the pizza place down the street: #
  • My New Disk Drive #
  • enjoying some spam that attempts look like its from the IRS. #
  • "you're in higher tax bracket because: – your annual income for the last tax year has increased." #
  • going straight to hell for embedding a template toolkit template in a perl script directly. mvc, bah! #
  • preparing to kill myself in the morning falling over the baby gate that I'll forgot that I just installed. #
  • note: baby gate is also effective cat controller for the less mobile of our two kitties. #
  • enjoying a nice Saranac pale pale ale (yeah, that's not a typo). #
  • hmm where are all the facebook posts I added in @brizzly? no errors at post time, but they didn't seem to make it in. foo. #
  • phew. just beat the rain on way into the office. #
  • 9.5 miler earlier. slow, hot, and tiring. wanted to take a nap in the shower afterward. #
  • git log and git show are my two best friends today, as I tried to get some code history questions answered. #
  • Hand-Mixer, Stand-Mixer? Same Thing #
  • fixing some code by removing most of it. one of those what was I thinking moments… argh. #