Monthly Archives: December 2008

Let it snow!

After waking up to 8″ of snow this morning, I wasn’t looking forward to hours of back breaking labor clearing the driveway.  so, I looked around at snowblowers at Home Depot, Loews, and Sears websites for any good deals.  Ugh, we don’t happen to have a spare $600 laying around (not interested in an electric piece of crap or a single stage gas cheapo.)

So, on a whim I checked out craigslist.  Found someone selling a used (but freshly tuned up) Ariens.  He was asking $250, I said I’d give him $225 cash and $10 for gas to deliver and he said deal.  So, he dropped it off a little while ago.  Its a little rusty, but it works pretty good (made short work of the 8″ in the driveway.)  The seller rebuilds old blowers on the side, and gave me a run down of recent work done on the machine and quick driver’s lesson.  On the way out, he was even kind enough to plow out the end of the driveway.

Guess I gotta go find me some warmer gloves.  19 degrees + wind + vibration from snowblower = Reynaud’s hell.