Monthly Archives: November 2007

What the h*ll am I doing?

On one of my favorite TV shows, Mythbusters, they have what are known as Mythbuster’s Moments. Every once in a while, Adam stops and reflects on what he’s doing, like blowing something up or putting himself on the line in some crazy experiment, and realizes just how crazy things have gotten.

Not nearly as exciting, I’ve been having similar moments of wonder in my running. Marathon training and actual running of the race where numerous times I my sanity, let alone my motivation.

Lately, I’ve been running more or less for the fun of it without any specific training goals. But, I’m still have moments that give me pause.

2 weeks ago, I was doing a long run with Larry at Green Lakes when its 44 degrees out and raining cats and dogs, easily the wettest run this year.  By the end of the run, it felt like my windbreaker weighed 10 pounds on its own.

Last Saturday, I was out for another long run at Green Lakes; this time it wasn’t raining, thankfully, but it was a balmy 25 degrees out. It was a new experience to see frost accumulating on my shoes through out the run. I layered a running shirt, a long sleeve cotton shirt, and my windbreaker and think I was just about right. Larry chose just a short sleeve running shirt. Just looking at him almost made me go into a bout of hypothermia.

I snapped awake at about 3 this morning. I’ve been a nervous wreck lately about buying a house, and today was the closing (that all went fine, of course), so I was laying around staring at the ceiling and listening to the wind howling and rain. I thought, man, if that rain kept up, it’ll be a pretty icky run. But, an icky run is better than no run.

What a second. What the hell was that? I’m leaving a perfectly nice warm bed to go out into 35 degree pitch black night with a pretty good chance of rain. I think I may have blown a microchip.

It seems to be getting harder and harder to stay motivated as it gets cooler and the weather gets wetter. It takes all my will to get out the door, but once I’m going, each step gets a little easier and I’m always glad that I made it out when I’m done.

Tomorrow should be pretty exciting. says 30 degrees and light snow at 5am. Not looking forward to it, but can’t wait to be done, if that makes any sense.