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Tom Petty: The Highway Companions Club

Tom Petty is doing a fan club type thing called The Highway Companions Club. Sounds very similar to Dave Matthews Band’s Warehouse. Supposedly gets you
better seats, but no guarantees; probably extra true since they’re teamed up directly with TicketBastard for a promotion. I think I’ll
keep that $30, thank you very much.

While checking out that club stuff, I stopped by the tour list and
noted that they did add Darien Lake show on 8/15. That
might be worth checking out. Allman Brothers Band as an
opener is pretty tempting. Unfortunately, as of now, they don’t list an on-sale date.

Ah, Carmageddon… Good Times

Nothing beats a 3d racing game where you have three ways to win:

  1. Beat all the opponent cars. Nothing special here.
  2. Destroy all the opponent cars. Crash ’em, smash ’em, push ’em off cliffs, push them into land mines.
  3. Kill all pedestrians. Yep, give up racing completely and just run people over.

Yep, that’s Carmageddon, the ‘Racing Game for the Chemically Imbalanced’ in a nutshell. I’ve been a fan since version 1.0. The newer editions are fun, but the I think the original is still the best. I could play all day, everyday.

Unfortunately, until recently, I haven’t been able to get it run on Windows XP. The game was originally released back in the days of DOS and Windows 95. It seems to install OK under Windows XP and begins to fire up under XP, but goes down in flames before the first race begins. Probably some time of graphics or extended memory problem.

Enter Glidos, a 3dfx driver wrapper for Windows XP. It was primarily designed make the original Tomb Raider work on Windows XP. Not only does it make Carmageddon playable, but you also get the high quality 3dfx version graphics. Even nicer, you can run it in a window. Its not 100% perfect, it locks up every now again; but, working most of the time is better than none of the time. The $10 registration fee was a no brainer.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get back to smashing things… hehe.

Legs Still Work

If you didn’t notice the big hole in my run log entries for the last few weeks, I’ve been a running hiatus for a few weeks while I was getting a hernia repaired. After freaking out about the operation for a few weeks, the day came and went. Its wasn’t the kind of thing I’d look to do everyday, but not nearly as terrible as I thought it would be.

I took it easy for 2 weeks post op and started working to do some long walks as run substitutes. I walked on some of regular running routes; felt good to be out but kinda made me miss running more. I also dusted off my bike for nice relaxing post work jaunt.

Yesterday, was my first run. I’d been pretty much chomping at the bit to get back to it; partly because I new just how much I’d atrophied in the last few weeks and partly because I really need the stress distractions at work.

So, I was off to the Y. I did a few extra stretches to try to loose up some tightness in the hernia area. Thankfully, I don’t really have any lingering soreness in the area, its just kinda stiff from me taking it easy.

I wanted to keep the whole run at an ultraslow pace. I was quite relieved after the first few laps that everything stills to work fine. 3 miles later, I was happy to tired rather than sore. I gonna write that off on a long work week, rather than completely on the fact I’ve basically just lying around lately. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

So, what’s next? I think I’ll try to get back in the daily run mode. Gonna force myself to stick with 3 milers for another week or so. I’m definitely bagging on the Mountain Goat Run next week (but I am volunteering!). I think I am gonna try the Komen Race For the Cure in about 3 weeks; its only 5k, so I don’t think it’ll be too much of a stretch to be ready in time. Before I forget or procrastinate again, I did just get my 2006 Boilermaker entry. No use waiting and missing the early bird signup discount.

Looking forward to lots more training miles!

The Rabbit is Coming Back…

VW recently announced (via) that they’re bringing back the Rabbit name for the car currently known as Golf. I’m looking to economize a bit in my next set of wheels, and enjoyed my previous Golf so much I might give another one a shot.

Update- volksbloggin also says that the upcoming generation of Golf/Rabbit isn’t long for this world and is scheduled for sooner than normal replacement due to higher than expected manufacturing expenses.

Update 2- volksbloggin now has some pictures.