Monthly Archives: June 2005

Pink Floyd to Reunite

Whoa, big news, ladies and gentlemen. A while back I saw a rumor that Pink Floyd was reuniting to play for the upcoming Live 8 benefit concert. Like most Pink Floyd reunion rumors, I thought it was pure bunk. Especially when they said that Roger would be joining up too.

To my great surprise it turns out to be real. My pal Sean forward me a tip from CNN that seems to confirm it. The official Pink Floyd site also confirms it. Unfortunately none of the above links says where they’re going to be playing (Live 8 is spread across London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Philadelphia). A trip to Philly is a possibility, but budgetary constrains rule out the transcontinental stuff.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the beginning of something big, like a reunion tour (hey, KISS pull that off pretty well) or (gasp!) new music. I’m twitching in anticipation. Stay tuned!

Quick Run Update

Pulled in a nice 14.6 miler on Saturday morning. I overslept and started later than I wanted to; so, I just grabbed a 20oz plastic water bottle because I didn’t want to mess around with one of my camelbacks.

Worked out pretty well. No more annoying than a camelback, except a little cramping in my hand from holding it. Man, summer runs are gonna be tough, it was only around 70 when I got back I was already one big puddle when I got back. A couple of 32oz gatorade’s later, I was hydrated again…

Here’s a cool NYT article about the next generation of high performance running clothes. Wool is the next big thing. Unfortunately, with running shirts $50 or more and socks $13 a pair they’re both outside of my gear budget at the moment.