Monthly Archives: January 2005

Quick Update

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, my faithful readers. I’ve been devoting all my spare time into a full site redesign. I’ve got the new look and feel done, and I’m working my way through re-skinning all the content. Stay Tuned…

We Don’t Need No Stinking Office

A cool story on wired about Delicious Monster, a software company that just sits in a coffee shop all day rather than getting a real office. Sounds like a cool idea, but I don’t think I’d get anything done. I’d go broke on mochas long before I ever
turned a profit.

Delicious Monster’s main product is Delicious Library, a media cataloging tool for OSX. Nothting too exciting, except for one standout feature. It has some image capture glue built in that lets you use your iSight webcam to read barcodes.

Chicken Riggies Capital of the World

Utica, New York, my home town recently proclaimed itself the birth place of chicken riggies, according to this article.  Strangely, I have chicken riggies before, but never in Utica.  Chicken riggies for the uneducated is just rigatoni pasta with chicken in a hot pepper tomato sauce. Pretty good stuff, but a little too hot for my digestive track. I’ll be sure to make it back home for Riggiefest, coming this May.

Utica (New York that is, there are also Utica’s in Michigan and Mississippi, and some other states, I believe) has had its name in lights so to speak many times. Its been mentioned a couple of times on the Simpsons (a very cool website, by the way) and in more than one Stephen King story.

Miniaturization At Apple

Apple has been hard at work at some new projects:

Is the iPod MINI not quite small enough for you? How about the iPod Shuffle?  Its a flash based Mp3 player that’s even smaller than the MINI; basically its the size of USB key drive. Note there’s a little extra Apple brand humor on the Ipod Shuffle page; there’s a foot note in the caption for the image that gives a size comparison of the Ipod Shuffle versus a pack of gum that tells users Do Not Eat iPod Shuffle. Bah doom tish! Pretty reasonably priced at $99 for 512Mb and $149 for 1Gb. After my excellent experience with iPod MINI, I think Apple is gonna have another winner with the shuffle.

More in the less is more department at Apple… Introducing the Mac mini. Reminiscent of the mac cubes from a few years ago, the mac mini is a cute little brick. Beyond in the small form factor, it also breaks into new territory for apple, low cost! At $499 (sans keyboard, mouse, and display), its by far the lowest cost mac ever. I think this will bring a lot of closet mac fans out. Personally, I’ve always like macs for their coolness factor and the fact that OS-X is very slick and stable. I’m interested enough to give one a shot, especially if I can use my own USB keyboard/mouse, and VGA monitor. I’ll have schedule a trip to the local Apple retail store and mess with one in person.