Monthly Archives: October 2004

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Caught the execellent Pink Floyd tribute band, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, last night. They’re pretty good. They rambled straight through all of Dark Side of the Moon, a few selections from Wish You Were Here, Fletcher Memorial Home (from the less popular Final Cut album), a very energetic Careful with That Axe, Eugene (complete with 20 foot high inflatable kangaroo), Sorrow (with an interesting substitution of varilight effects in stead of the real band’s trademark lasers), and wrapped things up with Comfortably Numb and a 4 foot disco ball.

I like my concerts loud, and there was no disappointment in this respect. We sat in the pit, about 10 feet way from some big bass bins. Their rig was very loud (but not painfully), and very clear. I knew it was gonna be loud after hearing the late afternoon sound checks from my desk at Purplewire (which is upstairs from the Landmark Theatre). The visual stuff was pretty good. They had about 20 stationary lamps and 40 varilights, 2 projectors. All in all, very much worth the price of admission.

If you missed the real band like I did (why, oh, why didn’t I make that Dome show in 1994?), this is probably your best bet at recapturing the Pink Floyd concert experience.

Plug: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Was in the video store looking to rent a PS2 game, but couldn’t find anything good. So, I picked up Jim Carrey’s latest movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Wow. Surprisingly good! Very complicated story, but worth the concentration effort if you stay with it. An interesting take on the don’t know what you’ve got until its gone (well almost gone, in this case) type story.

Jim Carrey again proves that he’s not just slapstick with a serious but light hearted performance as the main character. Kate Winslet is also pretty amazing in a non-typical role for her (I’m also amazed how her British accent disappears when she’s on camera!)

More info at IMDB:

Plug: Password Safe

If you’re like me, you’ve got about a zillion passwords to keep track of. Password Safe is a decent free password manager. Basically, its specialized database for keeping track of your password info in a secure manner (they are stored encrypted) I’ve been using it myself for a couple of years now, but didn’t realize how much better the latest version is (stuff like groups for organization, auto lock program after X minutes). Definitely worth a look.

As a bonus, it even intelligently imports data from previous versions of the program (and it keeps a backup of the original data, sweet!)

Driving Me Nuts!

I use the old bcc: myself trick by habit on all outgoing messages (as I prefer to file my outgoing messages with incoming messages for filing purposes). yahoomail for some reason thinks I’m a spammer and puts messages to myself into the bulk email (aka spam) folder. lovely.

I’ve dug them out twice before and marked them not spam, but they’re not getting the message. gmail is looking better and better.

MS Windows Long Horn, available at CompUSA?

I was recently strolling through CompUSA (I was intending to ogle one of those new G5 iMacs, but they didn’t have any in stock) in the laptop department and a screen saver caught my eye. It said something about Windows Long Horn. Hmm, since that’s not supposed to be out for years, I almost laughed it off as silly screen saver.

But, my curosity got the best of me. I wiggled the pointer around to kill of the screen saver and got a login prompt. Hmm, doesn’t look like XP’s login prompt. For kicks, I just left the password blank and clicked login. Bingo, who needs passwords? I’m such a hacker..

Ah, its a Long Horn beta (Milestone 5, to be precise). Interesting. No clue why it would be on a new laptop in the middle of the store, but it was fun to mess around with for a few minutes. Didn’t see much to write home about except for some new graphics. Darn, no internet connection. Oh well, nice to see the next generation OS that will eventually be crashing my pc…

hey, that doesn’t suck!

my keyboard on my pc at home outlived its usefulness (a number of stuck keys, driving me nuts) so I decided it was time for a new one.

I found this one for a steal of a deal at amazon:

Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard

I like the ms ‘natural’ keyboards and the price is right. I’m normally not a big fan of all the extra ‘media keys’, but I thought I’d give ’em another shot. So I ordered it up, and it showed up uneventfully yesterday.

I use iTunes as my primary player these days (mainly for the easy conduit to my iPod mini). hmm, the keyboard has a media player button (and media control buttons: ff, rew, play, pause, etc). so, I resigned myself to trying out the new windows media player, which I thought we be the default association for what the keyboard thinks is the preferred player.

I pressed the media player button on the keyboard and was pleasantly surprised to see iTunes fire up. whoa, that’s cool. pressing on, all the media control buttons work too! Wow, a MS product that might not suck. Well, at least I haven’t found the part where its sucks yet. Thinking acquiring another keyboard to replace the one at work too.