Monthly Archives: July 2004

FTTP coming soon? has an article about FTTP, aka Fiber-to-the-premises, coming soon from Verizon. Other than the benefits of potential speedup (they plan to offer 5Mb, 15Mb, and 30Mb pipes), they might add some healthy competition for Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner broadband cable. The extra speed would be nice, but I’d rather slice $10 to $15 dollars off my monthly Road Runner bill.

Photography Gallery Coming Soon

I’ve been hunting around for a gallery manager tool to catalog all the pictures from the honeymoon and all the other misc. photos that I have on my harddrive at the moment. After sifting through the lot of gallery tools at Source Forge, I eventually found Coppermine. Its very easy to set up and very configurable; it amazes me just how good open source software can be. I started hooking things up locally and uploading some images, here’s what I’ve got so far.

Next on the list is a forum. I’m leaning toward phpBB. Any others I should check out?