Yearly Archives: 2004

CNY Heatwave

The thermometer in my car reported 24 degrees (fahrenheit) this morning. After the last few days of subzero temps (-7F and -3F at the same time the last two days), I was about ready to lose my winter coat and open up the sunroof.  Sigh, only 4 more months of winter to go, and the worst is yet to come.

Free Google/Firefox Plug

Was watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent on Saturday night, Detective Alex Eames strolls over to a PC and googled some random factoid in the Mozilla Firefox browser. True to TV silliness, she typed in and entered a query instread of using the built in google search. Hehe, I’m such a nerd.

Ironically, the Law & Order: Criminal Intent website has some bugs when you visit in Firefox. That and they have fairly annoying plug for their new game, that plays everytime you load a page. Yuck.

Pogo Sticks go High Tech!

Saw the Flybar Model 1200 on; the pogo stick, evolved. So what’s so special about this $299 toy? Thrusters! Activate all 12 of the independent rubber thrusters and you’re capable of rebounding with 1200 pounds of force! They claim its enough to get a 170 pound person 5 feet off the ground. That’s pretty hard core! I’d add one to my wishlist, but I’m afraid of all the broken bones that would ensue, hehe…

PS2 Portable Now!

This crafty fellow put together his own Sony Playstation 2 portable using the guts of a one of the new low profile PS2 consoles, a PSONE LCD screen, and portable DVD player battery.  It also has one major perk over the real Playstation Portable (coming soon from Sony), in that it plays PS2 software; the PSP will have its own new software. I could imagine all the extra Ratchet & Clank playtime I’d log if I had one of these. Very slick. I only wish I had the time to mess around with kind of stuff.

Festerhead Radio

Stumbled on the Festerhead online radio station this morning. Was looking for some good Hawaiian music (missing Maui, sniff…) Usually I tune into Hawaiian 105, which I listened to alot when tooling around Maui. But some reason their crappy streaming applet cuts out continually on my internet connection at work (but works fine from Road Runner at home…)

Festerhead is good old fashioned rock. They have a live DJ, but they’ve only broken in once in the last 30 minutes. I didn’t really mind since he was announcing the Is There Anybody Out There Hour, where they play Pink Floyd for an hour straight. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Maholo!